Armageddon Beachparty is the collaborative body of work from a married dynamic duo of two Detroit Native Artists: MOTU & KOZMA. The pair works collaboratively on 90% of their works, trans-versing the ordinary, celebrating the unusual, creating organically & altering your perception of the possible. Additionally, they paint primarily on salvaged & recycled Detroit materials in a passionate effort to help clean up the city. Conceptually their work is a blend of theories surrounding the meaning of life, what we perceive to be the afterlife, dreams & the end of the world.

“Tropic Colossus” – Debuting a completely new body of mind altering artwork for your viewing pleasure. Join us as we interpret the subconscious perspectives of life through dark psychedelic, surreal, erotic & abstract Pop Art atrocities. Focusing on dreams, sexuality, spiritualism & the duality of existence merged with a true Detroit soul wrapped in a whirlwind of technicolor tropic flair. Prepare to be amazed.

“Tropic Colossus” – The 3rd Large Scale Solo Exhibit of New Psychedelic, Surreal & Erotic Pop Art Magnificence from the Detroit Native dynamic duo: MOTU & KOZMA of Armageddon Beachparty & Co.

OPENING RECEPTION – Friday, February 13th
6pm – MIDNIGHT | The Carr Center | Downtown Detroit |
FREE Admission [18+] | Drinks [21+] – An Interactive Performance Art Piece – Performed by: Shana Byas in collaboration w/ Armageddon Beachparty
– Burlesque By: Kitty Paige & Sinnator Charlotte
– Acrobatics By: The Firebugz
– Trans-dimensional Comedy By: Zak & What Army?
– Musical Stylings for the evening provided by: Para\\ax of Poison Panda Productions

Images from last year’s event at the START gallery can be viewed here.

The Carr Center
311 E Grand River Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48226

February 13, 2015
6:00pm – 12:00am