Detroit, MI – Meet Detroit Hives, an urban bee farm located on West Warren Ave in Detroit Michigan. I first learned of this non-profit initiative through Timothy Paule, a Detroit entrepreneur and photographer. When asked ‘why, bee farms?’, Paule mentioned the vacant lots throughout the city and the psychological issues these blighted environments have on the mindset of its residents. “These bee farms are a way to clean up abandoned space and make the residents in these communities feel wanted, while hopefully encouraging other residents to clean up their own lots”.

In doing research for this piece, I discovered that raw honey has many benefits, including the prevention of cancer and heart disease, the regulation of blood sugar, the reduction of cough and throat irritation and much more.

The honey harvested by Detroit Hives will be sold at local markets and given to neighbors throughout the community. The non-profit is currently raising money through a crowd funding campaign to install a fence around the lot.

You can follow Detroit Hives on Facebook and Instagram for more information.