Seraphine Collective is committed to building support among collectives to create change and bring visibility to issues, artists, and activism. In partnership with The Aadizookaan and 19th Annual Allied Media Conference and Third Man Records Cass Corridor, Network Gathering: Collective Knowledge Showcase brings together a diverse and vital community of artists using music to incite social change.

Admission: $5
All Ages

7:00 Doors
7:30 pm-7:55 pm Pancho Villa’s Skull
8:00 pm – 8:25 pm The Free Bleeders
8:45 pm – 9:15 pm Friendship Commanders
9:30pm -10:00 pm Deekah Wyatt
10:00pm – 10:30pm Sacramento Knoxx + @Giizhigad

Pancho Villa’s Skull (Detroit)

Intersectional – Feminist-Riot GRRRL-Punk, and MRA’s worst nightmare

Friendship Commanders (Nashville)
Melodic punk/Hardcore/Sludge duo

Deekah Wyatt (Detroit)
Detroit-born lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for progressive hard rock soul band Roxolydian.

Sacramento Knoxx + @Giizhigad (Detroit)
The The Aadizookaan seeks guidance from ancestral indigenous-based knowledge systems for culture creation & dynamic storytelling experiences through traditional & contemporary media, music, film, & design to help produce stories for the many layers of communities, businesses, & people.

The Aadizookaan is a group that offers services & products that are specialized in multimedia productions & installations, and the [ah-dihz-ooh-khan] translates to “the sacred spirit of the story”, “the story/message/messenger” which is the language of the Anishinabe [first nations people from the area of Detroit].

The Aadizookaan is a multimedia company and record label with music and video production studios.

Thursday, June 15th
7pm – 11pm

Third Man Records Cass Corridor
441 Canfield St W, Detroit, Michigan 48201

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