The Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club is a fascinating group that anyone involved in Detroit’s art landscape should know about. Through its events, aspiring artists can share their work with the public. They can also meet local art experts and influencers in a warm, unpretentious atmosphere.

Every early Monday evening at Noni’s Sherwood Grille, the club gives two minutes to anyone who wants to present two pieces of artwork in front of a gathering of their peers, collectors, and members of the public. Of the 80-100 audience members usually present, many maintain significant ties to the local art scene.

Artist Herman Bruner (left) takes 2 minutes to present his painting titled “Wam” in front of the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club.

“You’re in front of a community of possible followers and collectors,” collage artist Judy Bowman said. “It’s a great opportunity for exposure.”

In the two minutes that every artist is given to showcase their work, audience members are welcome to provide feedback ranging from critiques and praise, to bids on a presented piece.

While many of the artists who are presenting are newcomers, it isn’t unheard of for their work to get bought for thousands of dollars by someone in the Breakfast Club. The money side of art is also strong here.

“Art is a business,” Breakfast Club co-founder Henry Harper said. “You should be able to look at a painting on a wall and know [that its worth] can send your kids to college.”

Artist Cambia Smith (gray top on the left) presents her work “Someone Like You” to the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club at Noni’s Sherwood Grille.

Harper’s background in antiques and private art investment adds more depth to the pool of art knowledge shared between members of the audience on any given Monday. Just attending the Breakfast Club guarantees that any artist – new and established – will gain something new, whether it’s advice from the the person in the next seat, or money from selling a piece of art.

“You’ll never be by yourself as an artist again,” Bowman said. “Someone from Breakfast Club will always be there.”

For more information, check out the Breakfast Club’s Facebook Page.