The Detroit Culture Council celebrates the 2017 Allied Media Conference by hosting a special party at ONE MILE!

This will be a chance for our newly formed committees, created at the last convening, to reconnect and discuss next steps – while having a great time!

DCC sub-committees:
– Graffiti Task Force
– Design Matters
– 1%
– Alternative to Gentrification
– DCC Structure
– Powers that Be

This is also a great opportunity to meet innovative cultural and social movement changemakers from all across the country, who are here to participate in this year’s AMC!

Sonics by: Spin Inc. & Jay Daniel

7615 Oakland St, Detroit, Michigan 48211

Thursday, June 15
9pm to 1am


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About The Detroit Culture Council (DCC)
The mission of DCC is to cultivate the diverse cultural ecosystem of Detroit through a balanced partnership with its diverse communities. DCC achieves this by encouraging community engagement through the arts; strengthening the artistic practices of local artists; fostering the development of the city’s arts sector; increasing accessibility of arts programming for residents and visitors; establishing Detroit as a cultural destination to local, regional, and global audiences; ensuring the arts and other cultural resources have a social and economic impact in revitalizing the city; and working to integrate the arts into legislative and other policy reforms.