If you’re looking for an outside-the-box group activity to participate in with coworkers or a group of friends, look no further than in Detroit. The city is home to some of the most creative sports and games for a memorable night out or office field trip. We’ve compiled a list of places that will make you second guess another night at the usual bar and change up the routine for something completely different.

Nerf Wars

If you want to organize an unusual team building activity for the office or celebrate your kid’s birthday, stop inside the Detroit Dart Club or Blaster House. You’ll have to bring your game face, though, because both places host all-out Nerf gun wars. It’ll be like the days when you lost dozens of foam darts all over the house after a free-for-all. Except this time, you don’t have to worry about picking up anything. The club also maintains its own Nerf gun armory for participants to borrow from if you didn’t bring one of your own.

Detroit Dart Club
6545 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI 48202
Blaster House
15400 Grand River Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48227

Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a popular trend, not only for social outings, but also for professional team building exercises. Participating groups of people are sent to a room with special circumstances and are forced to solve a sequence of riddles and puzzles within a specific time frame. Either you escape and win…or you don’t. Nothing screams “leadership potential” more than demonstrating you can contribute and communicate with others to reach a specific goal outside the workplace…namely, everyone’s survival.

Escape Plans Michigan
645 Griswold St., #277, Detroit, MI 48226
Escape the Room Detroit
1030 Randolph Street, Detroit, MI 48226

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Feather Bowling

If you’re familiar with curling, shuffleboard, bocce, or cornhole, you’ll quickly understand how to feather bowl. The bowling aspect comes from how players on a team deliver balls (shaped like wheels of cheese) in a bowling motion as closely as possible to a pigeon feather that is stuck in the ground on the other end of the alley. Hence, “feather” bowling. Other star attractions at the cafe include its mussel menu and Belgian cuisine.

Cadieux Cafe
4300 Cadieux Rd., Detroit MI, 48224

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Invented in Detroit, fowling is a fascinating hybrid sport that fuses American football and bowling together. Instead of rolling a ball into pins as done in bowling, fowlers try to knock pins down by throwing a football into them. That said, no one is expected to have an arm like Matt Stafford, but nailing someone in the face with an errant throw is discouraged. Beyond fowling, the warehouse also features a fully loaded bar and plenty of seating.

Fowling Warehouse
3901 Christopher St., Hamtramck, MI 48211

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Know of another wacky game or activity around Detroit? Leave it in the comments.  Who knows, we might run into you there!