Corktown, Detroit – We are launching an original video series, WHERE, in which we take video cameras inside different neighborhoods throughout Detroit to find out what it’s like to live & work in these communities.

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In our first episode we visit Corktown, the quaint neighborhood west of Downtown Detroit. During our two-day shoot, we interviewed Chad Rochkind & Jessica Meyer at Human Scale Studio, Ron Cooley of O’Connor Realty, Austin Kronig, and several others.

Something I already knew but was re-enforced was how small Detroit is and how it’s even smaller within the neighborhoods. After our interview with Austin Kronig, he connected me with one of the owners at The Farmers Handa new artisanal market on Trumbull Ave, South of Michigan Ave. We rushed over there to film their location and happened to see Ouizi painting a new mural on the side of the building.

We had a lot of fun filming this episode and look forward to working with different producers and community organizations to bring you more neighborhood videos.

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