This Youtuber moved to Detroit from the west side of the state in 2015. In the video above the Detroit transplant answers viewer questions about her experiences moving to Detroit and navigating the city’s cultural dynamics. She discusses topics such as safety, neighborhoods to check out, favorite restaurants, gentrification & more. It’s interesting to hear the experiences of a Detroit transplant and how they may differ or similar to the experiences of people we all know.

Below are timestamps to the topics discussed throughout the video.

  • Do you feel safe in Detroit – 1:50
  • What is 8-mile (from the movie) like? 4:56
  • Are there a fair amount of job options in the city? – 5:13
  • Do you enjoy living in Detroit? – 6:25
  • Are Detroiter’s friendly? – 8:39
  • Could you offer some advice? 10:07
  • I’ll be in Detroit for a weekend. Any recommendations? 14:17